The Wisconsin School of Business Ph.D. programs have a rich tradition of training scholars who can both enhance the intellectual understanding of business theory and practice and effectively transmit this knowledge to other scholars, business professionals, and students.

Business Ph.D. Job Market Candidates

Business Ph.D. Job Market Candidates


Dissertation Title/Topic


Douglas Bujakowski

Actuarial Science, Risk Management and Insurance

Willingness to Claim in Developing Economies: Evidence from China

Joan Schmit

Matthew Kaufman

Accounting and Information Systems

The Role of Coordination and Communication in Maintenance of Firm-Spanning Strategic Processes – Evidence from Internal Audit

Mark Covaleski

Keehyung Kim

Operations and Information Management, Information Systems

Exploring the Dynamics of Online User Behavior and IS Policy Implications

Sung Kim

Rachel Martin

Accounting and Information Systems

How Uncertain are Investors About Uncertainty? The Impact of Executive Compensation Disclosures and Discretion on Investor Perceptions and Judgments

Ella Mae Matsumura

Kara Obermire

Accounting and Information Systems

Audit Committee Members’ Social Identities and Corporate Governance Roles

Karla Johnstone

Joseph Raffiee

Management and Human Resources

The Strategic Implications of Employee Mobility: Three Essays

Russ Coff

Tiffany Trzebiatowski

Management and Human Resources

Is holding on dysfunctional? Organizational identity change and extra-role performance

Mary Triana

Andrea Webb


Textual Paralanguage

Joann Peck

Yue Wu

Finance, Investment and Banking

Essays in Returns of Volatility Products

Bjorn Eraker

Xiao Xiao

Accounting and Information Systems

Incentives to Lowball Expected Pension Contributions

Terry Warfield