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WSB Students Pay It Forward

By: Denise Thornton | Photos By: Alex André and Camilla Klyve

WSB Students Pay it Forward

Nearly 60 percent of the graduating class of 2014 came together to pledge $141,334 to the Commencement Campaign. Thanks to generous alumni matching gifts of $84,800, the student-led drive raised $226,134 for the Wisconsin School of Business—funds that will provide ongoing support for students, faculty, and innovations in education and learning design, fueling the continued success of the School and its graduates.

What motivates our students to give back before they graduate? Members of the 2014 graduating class explain why giving back is important to them.

Emily Gibson "This program is growing, and the value of this degree will appreciate in the future for me and all other Wisconsin School of Business alumni. I want to be a part of making that happen for future generations of students starting now." — EMILY GIBSON (MBA '14)

"The academic, professional, and social experiences I had at UW–Madison gave me a great foundation to move in the right direction, and I want future classes to have those same experiences." — SALMAN AASI (MAcc '14)

Ammad Amin "The Wisconsin School of Business helped me realize who I want to be. I was glad to help chair the campaign. It's a way for recent graduates to show how they feel about the School." — AMMAD AMIN (BBA '14)

"In addition to being committed to our own new careers, we should be committed to being a resource to others who follow us in the program." — KELLY WILSON (MBA '14)