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Editor's Note

Photo By: Alex André

Update Fall 2014 Staff

Update advisors, staff, and contributors from left to right: Alyson Kim, Toral Livingston-Jha, Marguerite Darlington, Falicia Hines, Lavilla Capener, Camilla Klyve, and Katie Pauls

When we set out to redesign Update magazine, we started by examining our community and trying to identify what makes Business Badgers different from the graduates of every other business school. We interviewed alumni of all ages, faculty, and corporate partners, and the same characteristics surfaced again and again—trustworthy, reliable, humble, and good-natured. Over and over, we heard that "Wisconsin graduates are team players."

This common thread is why we chose "Together Forward" to describe who we are. As someone who's studied at the Wisconsin School of Business, you know that we arrive at better, more innovative solutions when we work as a team. We listen to each other with respect, balancing different viewpoints so that we can achieve a higher level of understanding from which we can approach a problem.

As an editorial team, we worked together to make this the best alumni magazine possible for the WSB, which means one thing—telling compelling, relevant stories about our graduates, our faculty, and our School to you—our alumni.

In the pages that follow, you will find incredible stories of passionate individuals driving meaningful change in their companies, their communities, and the world. These stories echo the spirit of "Together Forward," the collaborative, breakthrough thinking that sets the WSB apart. Join the conversation @UWBusiness.

Together Forward
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