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Frequently Asked Questions

Why your gift matters

Do student gifts make a difference?

Students have been giving back to the University of Wisconsin–Madison since Memorial Union was built in 1928 with funds donated by students. Today, many alumni, friends, parents, and students support UW–Madison and the Wisconsin School of Business every year.

Gifts from WSB alumni make up 36% of our School’s budget—and these gifts matter more than ever. Collectively, the gifts of an entire class can have a huge impact.

Your commitment to the future of WSB sends a message to alumni who came before you, as well as future generations of Business Badgers. All of you belong to the same global network; your support keeps this network—and the school—strong.

How will the money be used?

Gifts from graduating students contribute to the School’s base budget, providing the resources to recruit top-notch faculty and students, build leadership programs, keep our technology current, and provide transformational learning opportunities for students. These gifts have a significant impact because they fund the highest priorities at the Wisconsin School of Business.

Your support enables students to have transformational learning experiences such as these:

  • $20: subsidizes a student or new alumni event fee
  • $50: the cost of one on-campus student interview
  • $125: the cost of one company’s participation in the career fair
  • $200: provides Excel Now Plus training for 5 students
  • $500: sends one student to network and interview with financial services firms in New York
  • $1,000: the cost of one client to receive free advice at the Business and Entrepreneurship Clinic
  • $2,000: provides a stipend for one MBA student’s global learning trip

How to make a gift

How do I make a gift?

Pledge now using the online pledge form.

When do I make my pledge payment?

You have a year to fulfill your pledge. The University of Wisconsin Foundation will send you a reminder in the coming months. If you’d like, you can fulfill now.

Why should I consider a multi-year pledge?

Multi-year pledges make it easy for alumni to invest in WSB on a consistent basis. Multi-year pledges also provide an opportunity to make a larger gift than otherwise possible.

How does a multi-year pledge work?

When you make a multi-year pledge, you will receive a reminder to fulfill your annual commitment each year from the University of Wisconsin Foundation. You’ll also have the option to increase your pledge if you choose.

Tax benefits

What are the tax benefits of making a donation?

All gifts made to the Wisconsin School of Business are 100% tax deductible. Gifts are made to the University of Wisconsin Foundation, which is a 501(c)3 organization.

Additional details are available online from the University of Wisconsin Foundation. You can also call the Foundation at 608-263-4545 if you’d like to speak with someone about the tax benefits of your gift.

Who should I contact if my permanent mailing address or email address changes?

You can update your contact information at any time following graduation by contacting Wisconsin Business Alumni at or 608-265-0575.

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