General Questions

Must international students attend the International Orientation?

Yes, this orientation is required for all international students who are new to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Students will have an opportunity to learn a great deal about the university and school's resources on August 20. Returning international MBA students will also be in attendance for some of the activities.

Is attendance at the Wisconsin MBA Experience orientation required?

Yes, the Wisconsin MBA Experience (August 21-31) is required for all incoming full-time MBA students. These seven days of introduction to the Wisconsin MBA can't be missed (and we mean that literally). They involve a mix of orientation and acclimation, skill development, and preparation for the intensive and stimulating set of courses you will take when formal coursework begins. Your primary focus will be on managerial communication, teamwork, and data analysis skills. Getting to know your classmates is also a priority: other planned elements include a ropes challenge course and a welcome reception.

Do I need to purchase my own computer?

Yes. The Wisconsin School of Business requires all full-time MBA students to own or have access to their own personal computer. You can find a computer checklist for ideal machines at Student Computing Checklist. There is a Graduate Computer Lab available to MBA students.

Will I have a place to park my car on campus?

As is the case with most college campuses, parking on campus is limited. Most students live on a bus line (bus passes are free during full semesters), ride their bicycle, or walk to Grainger Hall. The Lot 7 parking ramp, located directly below the Wisconsin School of Business, charges parking by the hour. During the week, a limited number of parking spaces are available and reduced rates are available for later in the day. The Lake Street ramp, a public parking facility, is located within walking distance of Grainger Hall.

How soon do I need to make housing arrangements?

It is best not to delay in making housing arrangements. You will want to make them as soon as possible. Most off-campus housing leases are annual leases that begin on August 15. Contact the Campus Information Center or University Housing for more information.

Computer Requirements

The University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business requires all incoming MBA students to own or have access to a personal computer as well as working knowledge of the computer.  It is in your best interest to become familiar with your computer before classes begin.  Students have indicated that individual ownership of a personal computer or laptop is preferable.

What is the current computing environment?

The School of Business supports a Graduate Computer Lab, but the lab is meant to supplement your own computing resources.  As the lab is frequently used to capacity, you should not expect to be able to use the lab for all of your computing needs.

In the event that a course requires software not available on your own computer, you may be required to use a lab computer at Grainger Hall to complete these assignments.

What type of computer should I buy?

The Wisconsin School of Business is a Microsoft Windows computing environment.  You will need to have access to a Microsoft Windows computer to complete much of your MBA coursework.  Most School of Business faculty use Microsoft Windows computers, and the Graduate Computer Lab is equipped with Microsoft Windows computers.  Also, students are required to prepare their resumes for MBA Career Services using a Microsoft Windows computer.  *Applied Security Analysis students should contact their Center staff regarding the specific laptop requirements. For all other students, the School of Business recommends the computer configurations listed below.

PC Compatibles
(Already have access to a computer)
(Need to purchase a computer system)
Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Windows 7
2 GB of RAM 4 GB of RAM
250 GB hard drive 250 GB hard drive or higher
Network card for high-speed Internet access Network card for high-speed Internet access   Wireless network card for laptop computers
Color monitor Color monitor
Mouse Mouse
Sound card and speakers Sound card and speakers

Wireless networking is available in Grainger Hall.

Wireless Internet Access for Laptop Computers

Grainger Hall and many other campus locations now have  wireless Internet (WiFi) access available to students.  To access WiFi, it will be necessary to wireless network card.  Wireless network cards are now integrated into most new laptop computers.  Otherwise, these cards can be obtained at your local electronics store or through the University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Information Technology (DoIT) Tech Store.

What software do I need?

The Microsoft Windows operating system includes a Web browser and Internet connection software that you will use extensively in the MBA program. Beyond Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office will meet most of your other software needs for coursework in the MBA program. Microsoft Office includes Microsoft Word for word processing, Microsoft Excel for spreadsheets, and Microsoft PowerPoint for electronic presentations.

More information on what types of hardware and software you need can be found at the Student Computing Checklist.

How do I print documents from my wireless laptop?

You can find instructions on how to add a printer to your laptop at Computer Lab Support. Each student will be given $70 in quota.  Each page costs .07 for single-sided or .05 for duplex. This translates into 1000 or 1400 pages respectively.

If you have any other questions or need assistance, please contact our Information Technology Solutions team at Any other personal technology issues, not related to the Wisconsin School of Business, should be directed to our central campus IT department.

If you need computer lab support, please contact Brett Jovanovich from the Information Technology Solutions team.

Housing Resources

On-Campus Housing

Looking for a place to live on campus? Consider University Housing! Apartments for graduate students offer academic support services and community resources, including child care facilities, social events, and a public health nurse.

You can request a University Housing application by writing to either of these offices:

Single Graduate Student Residence Halls
University Housing (608) 262-2522
Slichter Hall
625 Babcock Drive
Madison, WI 53706

Graduate Student and Family Apartments
University Apartments Office (608) 262-3407
611 Eagle Heights
Madison, WI 53705

Off-Campus Housing

The Campus Information and Visitor Center (CIVC), in the Armory and Gymnasium (Red Gym), is the campus information center, located at 716 Langdon Street. There you will find campus maps, Timetables (schedule of classes), the off-campus housing reference service, and many of the most important university publications. You can also contact the CIVC for a campus tour. Contact them at (608) 263-2400.

To search for off-campus housing go to (CIVC), 716 Langdon Street. Search CIVC's off-campus housing information. Once you arrive on campus you can also obtain a current listing of apartment vacancies.

We also have a Wisconsin MBA Housing Guide that contains reviews and advice from over 100 MBA students.

International Students

Congratulations on your admission to the University of Wisconsin-Madison! The campus and the city of Madison welcome you into a national and international community. Nearly 40,000 students enroll for classes at the Madison campus, and almost 4,000 of these are international students. This gives UW-Madison one of the largest international campus communities in the USA.

International Student Orientation (attendance required)

International Student Orientation is required for all international MBA students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Students will have an opportunity to learn a great deal about the university and school's resources during this intensive two-day workshop. Returning international MBA students will serve as panelists during programs and activities.

International Student Orientation lasts one day and the schedule is as follows:

  • Check-In and Continental Breakfast
  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Ice-Breaker Activity
  • Etiquette Lunch
  • MBA Career Management Orientation
  • Expectations/Questions Panel with Second-Year Students
  • Reception with Faculty and Staff

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Any admitted applicant whose TOEFL and/or verbal GMAT score is below the Wisconsin School of Business minimum will be required to take the English as a Second Language Assessment Test (ESLAT) upon arrival and register for any recommended English course(s) within their first semester of enrollment.

Apply for your I-20

All I-20 or DS-2019 requests must be submitted through the Terra Dotta portal via your MyUW Student Center., which will be your student immigration portal during your time as an F-1 or J-1 student at UW-Madison.  You must accept your offer of admission before you can set up your Terra Dotta account.

F-1 Student Transfers

If you will transfer to UW-Madison directly from another school within the U.S., complete the Domestic Transfer Student Report form and send to International Student Services (ISS). Bring your UW-Madison Form I-20 to ISS immediately after your arrival on the UW-Madison campus. You must report to ISS within 15 days of the beginning of classes. Failure to process your transfer at UW-Madison will result in loss of F-1 visa status. If you plan to leave the U.S. before transferring to Madison, check your passport and F-1 visa stamp to be certain that they are valid. Present your UW-Madison Form I-20 and financial support documents to the immigration officials at the border.

J-1 Student Visa

Present the Form DS-2019 to an American Consulate General or Embassy to apply for the visa. Be prepared to provide copies of your financial support documents at this time and at the port of entry. Carefully read and complete page 2 of the DS-2019 Form and the back of the pink copy, making sure you understand the conditions placed on your admission to the U.S. When you arrive in the U.S., the border officials will take the DS-2019 Form, except for the pink copy, which they will stamp and return to you. Keep your copy in your passport along with the Form I-20.