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David Shulman

Shulman Examines Good, Bad Points of State of the Union Speech

by Staff Wednesday, February 1, 2012

James A. Graaskamp Center Advisor to the Applied Real Estate Investment Track David Shulman recently revealed his views on President Obama’s State of the Union address in an article published by U.S. News Weekly.

On the positive side, the article applauded Obama’s proposal to award exceptional teachers with bigger paychecks and to filter out poor instructors, as well as his idea to tie support for community colleges with job-specific training programs. It also commended Obama’s strategy for energy development by using the new hydraulic fracturing technology and increasing offshore drilling, as well as his suggestion to extend the payroll tax cut for all of 2012—Shulman comments that the latter “would certainly improve the economic outlook.”

However, when focusing on the negative connotations, Shulman believes the looming tax code complexities will prove painful for the economy. He feels this track will extend the housing crisis, contribute to “crony capitalism,” and possibly lead to a stock market crash: “A flatter loophole-free tax code…would have far better results for both economic growth and economic equality.” The article also voices his disappointment that Obama altogether dodged the subject of fiscal reform.

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