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That was the question this morning for the panel at the wrap-up keynote at MIPIM Asia 2011. Discussion was led by Dean François Ortalo-Magné, with Yue Tang, attorney with Jun He Law... Read More

Wisconsin School of Business Dean François Ortalo-Magné is in Hong Kong this week for the annual real estate property and investment conference MIPIM Asia. He facilitated the opening... Read More

UW Real Estate Professor Morris A. Davis was interviewed yesterday for a story on local concerns about trends in housing prices. Here is the video (via Channel 3000): Read More

The state of the housing market
by: Graaskamp Center StaffTuesday, April 19, 2011

"There are signs that the two-year drop in Wisconsin home prices had bottomed out, at least in some regions of the state."That was one of the takeaways from yesterday's Newsmakers interview on the... Read More