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Chad Messer
The Shifting Landscape: What's Driving Change?
by: Chad MesserFriday, November 1, 2013

On October 17, I had the opportunity to attend the annual Wisconsin Real Estate and Economic Outlook Conference hosted by the James A. Graaskamp Center for Real Estate. This year the theme... Read More

Reporting from MIPIM: Cautious optimism
by: StaffTuesday, March 20, 2012

The Graaskamp Center was very glad for the opportunity to contribute to MIPIM's official blog. Prof. Erwan Quintin, along with Wisconsin School of Business Dean François Ortalo-Magné,... Read More

Prof. François Ortalo-Magné, Albert O. Nicholas Dean of the Wisconsin School of Business, presented the findings of a survey of participants at MIPIM 2012. He and Mark Roberts, Global... Read More

Reporting from MIPIM: Optimism with a new vocabulary
by: Bashar ElayyanFriday, March 9, 2012

Reporting from MIPIM: Final thoughts on the wrap-up keynote presentation to end MIPIM 2012 from one of our students: Here we are, the final day of MIPIM. It seems that the champagne-and-caviar... Read More