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Vince Moita

Real Estate Club Spring Update

by Vince Moita Monday, May 8, 2017

This year’s final Real Estate Club meeting concluded with board elections and also presented a unique look into the local development scene, bringing in Hovde Properties President, Mike Slavish.

Mike SlavishMr. Slavish walked through several developments, including 316 W Washington and Ovation 309 in Madison, and Brix Apartments in Milwaukee. The real focus of the presentation was demonstrating the perspective of a real estate developer on creative problem solving. For instance, an interesting solution to the problematic high water table for downtown Madison’s Ovation was creating a bathtub like seal for the entire structure and having to weigh it down appropriately for the added buoyance. Another example of a creative solution was creating one of the first blue-green roofs in Milwaukee on top of the Brix apartment building. Mr. Slavish made the presentation conversational and welcomed many questions from the audience.

REC Sp17Real Estate Club Board Elections

Grady Capobianco and John ‘Fordy’ Gates assumed the role of acting Co-Presidents, as Ben Stevens and Emmet Gaffney stepped down from their tenure as club 2017 spring semester Co-Presidents. As their first duty to the club, Grady and Fordy ran the election for incoming board members. The results are as follows:

  • Co-Vice Presidents: Nick Brown and Bethany Corbae (Nick and Bethany will be Co-Presidents in spring 2018 as well)
  • Secretary: Matt Skonieczny
  • Event Director: Maria-Elena Svigos
  • Undergraduate Career Fair Coordinator: Joshua Kim
  • Media Director: Casey Lamb
  • Web Coordinator: Sameer Khan
  • Social Chairs: Joe Curtin & Jack Gillet

With a great group of committed student volunteers, the Wisconsin Real Estate Club is looking forward to yet another successful year of inspiring, motivating, and connecting students to alumni and industry professionals.