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Wisconsin Women Thrive on Annual Women in Real Estate Trip to Chicago

by Graaskamp Staff Tuesday, April 18, 2017

2017 Women's TripOn March 31, a group of eight undergraduate and graduate level women from the Wisconsin Real Estate Program attended the third Annual Women in Real Estate Trip to Chicago. The daylong trip included a mix of touring the city and meeting with real estate professionals. This annual outing has become a great opportunity for women in the program to learn from female executives in real estate about what it takes to be successful in the male-dominated industry.

Jocelyn Friedman, a second year MBA student and the trip organizer, explained what this trip meant to her, “To me, the most valuable part of the trip was meeting with so many high ranking women in the industry and reinforcing the idea that women have already managed to have incredibly successful real estate careers in the Chicago — it is not impossible to be a woman in this field.”

“The path has been paved and opportunities exist for young women who want to work in real estate, despite the fact that women are still a minority in the industry.  It was refreshing to have female executives lead our meetings throughout the day and to get used to a woman being in charge of the board room,” said Friedman.

After enjoying a breakfast meeting with Barings Real Estate Advisers, Pam Boneham, Managing Director at Barings, explained that relationship building and maintenance with clients was the backbone skillset of her career, and that someone who cultivates these abilities has opportunities for a career in real estate investment. 

2017 Women's TripAfter the visit with Barings, the group enjoyed walking around Millennium Park followed by a luncheon sponsored by PGIM Real Estate.  The students then attended a presentation at Cushman and Wakefield arranged via the Goldie B. Wolfe Miller Women Leaders in Real Estate Program.  This presentation was led by C&W Chicago Market Leader Vicki Noonan. 

An important take away from Vicki’s presentation is that women have opportunities to be effective in real estate by building a skillset for relationship and team building. Vicki explained to us how she manages her brokerage teams with an eye for cooperation rather than pure competition, and is working to further integrate the different departments under the C&W umbrella to improve the sharing of information within the company,” Friedman said of Noonan’s presentation.

The group then spent the remainder of the afternoon on a development tour of the newly completed office building 150 N Riverside, located on the west side of the Chicago River. This tour was organized by CREW Chicago, and students were able to visit the upper floors of the skyscraper and take in panoramic views of the city.  The day closed out with a happy hour at the Primebar with students, members of the Wisconsin Real Estate Alumni Association, CREW, and Goldie B. Wolfe Miller Women Leaders in Real Estate Program.

2017 Women's Trip“Overall, it was terrific to be the beneficiary of the advice of such successful women in real estate,” said Friedman. “We were all impressed by our hosts' openness and generosity, and look forward to following in their footsteps in the industry.”

Thank you to our generous hosts, sponsors, and organizers for your help in making this year’s Women in Real Estate Trip to Chicago a success. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for our students next year!

Student participants: Alexandra Kirk (MBA), Allison Timmerman (BBA), Alyssa Valley (BBA), Amelia Porco (BBA), Bethany Corbae (MBA), Jocelyn Friedman (MBA), Kelsey Hjorth (BBA), Maddison Leske (BBA), Sharon McCabe (Faculty).

Thank you to our generous hosts and sponsors: 

  • Barings Real Estate Advisers
  • PGIM Real Estate
  • Cushman and Wakefield
  • Riverside Investment and Development Company (150 N Riverside)
  • Commercial Women in Real Estate (CREW)
  • Goldie B. Wolfe Miller Women Leaders in Real Estate Program
  • Graaskamp Center for Real Estate
  • Wisconsin Real Estate Alumni Association