Tracks are informal course plans inside the OTM degree, each requiring a minimum of three courses. The Production Systems Management track is for students seeking to work with production systems management, including supplier development.

Pick at least three courses among the following:

OTM 654  

Production Planning and Control  (Spring) 

ISyE 641  

Design and Analysis of Manufacturing Systems (Spring)

OTM 770  

Sustainable Approaches to System Improvement * (Fall 2016 only)

MKT 727

Enterprise Systems and Supply Chain Management (Spring)

MKT/OTM 722   

Logistics Management  (Fall)

MHR 765  

Sustainable Enterprise Management * (Spring)

ISyE 515   

Engineering Mgt of Cont. Process Improvement (Fall)

ISyE 645

Engineering Models for Supply Chains (Fall)

MKT 765 Supply Chain Capital Management (Fall)

*These courses qualify for the Certificate in Business, Environment and Social Responsibility (see