Tracks are informal course plans inside the OTM degree, each requiring a minimum of three courses. The Production Systems Management track is for students seeking to work with production systems management, including supplier development.


OTM 654  

Production Planning and Control  (Spring) 

ISyE 641  

Design and Analysis of Manufacturing Systems (Spring)

Pick at least one course among the following:

MKT/OTM 722 

Logistics Management  (Fall)

MKT 727

Enterprise Systems and Supply Chain Management (Spring)

OTM 710  

Operations Research I  (Fall)

OTM 770  

Sustainable Approaches to System Improvement * (Fall/Spring)

MHR 765  

Sustainable Enterprise Management * (Spring)

ISyE 515   

Engineering Mgt of Cont. Process Improvement (Fall)

*These courses qualify for the Certificate in Business, Environment and Social Responsibility (see