Tracks are informal course plans inside the OTM degree, each requiring a minimum of three courses. The Entrepreneurial Management track is for students nurturing entrepreneurial ambitions.


MHR 722   

Entrepreneurial Management #@ (Fall/Spring)

MHR 738   

Weinert Applied Ventures in Entrepreneurship (WAVE) Practicum #(Spring)

 Pick at least one course among the following:

MHR 734   

Venture Creation # (Fall)

MHR 741   

Technology Entrepreneurship #(Spring)

MKT 710    

Marketing Research   (Fall/Spring)

MKT 737    

Developing Breakthrough New Products: A Practicum # @ (Spring)

FIN 757      

Entrepreneurial Finance #(Spring)


# These courses qualify for the Certificate in Entrepreneurship (see

@These courses qualify for the Certificate in Strategic Innovation (see