As part of your journey to complete the Wisconsin MBA Program specialization in operations and technology management (OTM), we encourage you to research the program specifics below. For more general information, you may visit Career Specializations/Operations and Technology Management or contact us—our staff is here to help.


The Wisconsin MBA Program specialization in operations and technology management is designed within a two-year framework. Students are encouraged to choose one of four focused course tracks to match specific learning and career objectives: Healthcare Management, Entrepreneurial Management, Technology Product Management, or Production Systems Management.

Career Tracks

The program is built on the notion that managers involved with operations and/or technology need to have a broad understanding of business. It provides an education where comprehensive management training complements previous knowledge and skills. Regardless of whether your past degrees have been in engineering, biotechnology, computer science, or business, OTM will help you enhance your career.


Faculty members provide academic and curricular oversight. You may view each faculty member's biography and a brief overview of their current research, courses, and professional involvement.

Student Profiles

Our student profiles feature individual biographies of current classmates and their experiences.

Student Activities

Students from each class take part in a number of activities including participating in case competitions, serving as student representatives, taking on leadership roles, consulting, and more.

Mentor Program

The Mentor Program is an outstanding opportunity for MBAs to connect with OTM alumni and industry executives. Each MBA student is assigned a mentor; mentors get directly involved with the MBA Program through our most important constituents, our students; and students get exposure to the wisdom and advice of top management.