Our students are the future of the consumer insights and strategy industry. They are innately curious; curious about why and how people make decisions, why certain brands perform better than others, and what companies can do to grow their business.  They are fascinated by questions. Wanting to know who and what, when and where, and why and how, is built into their DNA. 

This curiosity about consumers is what connects all of our students, regardless of their backgrounds. That’s why there’s no better career for them than marketing research.

Our MBA students come from both traditional and non-traditional educational backgrounds.  Undergraduate degrees cover both ends of the spectrum from business administration and marketing, to non-business or liberal arts degrees such as psychology and sociology as well as more quantitative fields including statistics and economics.  With an average of 3-5 years of full-time work experience, students enter our program from a wide array of industries including retail, IT, education and, of course, marketing and business.

Learn more about the current students of the A.C. Nielsen Center for Marketing Research at the Wisconsin School of Business by reviewing their biographies below.


Class of 2018

Niraj AminNiraj AminBiographyMBA 2018
Hunter CookHunter CookBiographyMBA 2018
Alexandra GrinsellAlexandra GrinsellBiographyMBA 2018
Diego HahnDiego HahnBiographyMBA 2018
Hsin-Tien JenHsin-Tien JenBiographyMBA 2018
Susannah MaikenSusannah MaikenBiographyMBA 2018
Mollie MonaghanMollie MonaghanMBA 2018
Rushi PatelRushi PatelBiographyMBA 2018
Lindsey RasieLindsey RasieBiographyMBA 2018
Leslie ReschLeslie ReschBiographyMBA 2018
Joseph RobeleJoseph RobeleBiographyMBA 2018
Rashi SinghRashi SinghBiographyMBA 2018
Manish TewaniManish TewaniBiographyMBA 2018
Michelle WormMichelle DemetiBiographyMBA 2018

Class of 2019

Muhammad Ammad AminMuhammad Ammad AminBiographyMBA 2019
Cindy BaiCindy BaiBiographyMBA 2019
Duc ChauDuc ChauBiographyMBA 2019
Jessica ColbergJessica ColbergMBA 2019
Kathryn EleniusKathryn EleniusBiographyMBA 2019
Alison HeimertAlison HeimertBiographyMBA 2019
Kelsey KetelslegerKelsey KetelslegerBiographyMBA 2019
Phuc Hung NguyenPhuc Hung NguyenBiographyMBA 2019
Stewart SlipherStewart SlipherBiographyMBA 2019
Trevor SprangerTrevor SprangerBiographyMBA 2019
Rodrigo StabioRodrigo StabioMBA 2019