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David Schweidel Identified as Leader in Marketing Research

Friday, February 4, 2011

Assistant Professor of Marketing David Schweidel has been invited to participate in a program for a small group of scholars identified as potential leaders of the next generation of marketing academics.

Schweidel was named to the Young Scholar Program by Marketing Science Institute. The designation was given this year to 25 young researchers in the nation whose past research has already received national visibility and whose future potential is judged to be exceptional.

Schweidel will attend the Marketing Science Institute's biennial Young Scholar Program, which brings together some of the most promising young scholars in the hopes of enhancing their research output and future collaboration, as well as highlighting the latest thinking and research. Schweidel will prepare an abstract summarizing his current research and make a presentation to other participants.

Schweidel's main research focuses on the application of Bayesian statistical methods and applied probability models to understand individuals’ behaviors in the context of media and customer relationship management applications. He has begun a secondary stream of research that focuses on how advertisements are perceived and the process by which they wear out. His work has appeared in the Journal of Marketing, International Journal of Research in Marketing, Marketing Science, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Advertising Research, and Marketing Science. He teaches marketing research at the BBA and MBA levels and empirical methods and models to graduate students.

Marketing faculty members of the Wisconsin School of Business have been very well represented in the Young Scholar Program. Previous recipients were Neeraj Arora and Aric Rindfleisch, who were named in 2003; and Noah Lim, who was named in 2009. Former faculty member Kenneth Wathne was named in 2005.