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D. Gailey

GMN Ad Review

by David Gailey Monday, February 16, 2015

GMN Superbowl Ad ReviewThe MBA Program at the University of Wisconsin – Madison has so much to offer students, one of my favorites being student organizations. These groups help to enrich the student experience on several levels. Recently a student organization, the Graduate Marketing Network (GMN), hosted an ad review for several of the spots featured in the Super Bowl. It was an amazing event!

The leadership of GMN worked hard to make sure the event was not only fun for the group, but that there was a learning and involvement opportunity as well. They started by sending out a survey to capture all of the GMN members’ selections for the top 3 ads of the Super Bowl. After tallying up the scores, the best performing ads were showcased in a lunch-and-learn style event. Mike Judge, the Director for the Center for Brand and Product Management, was the esteemed host. He led discussions and critiques of the best and worst ads utilizing his perspective coming from working both on the ad agency side (Leo Burnett) and client side (Kraft) of the business. He gave great insights about the positives and negatives of emotional advertising, importance of brand fit for ads, and crafting a cohesive ad strategy. His wealth of understanding added greatly to the event and definitely helped highlight some aspects of advertising I had never before realized.

Both first and second year students attend the ad review, offering a great environment for students to learn and hear from one another’s experience. I loved listening the different points of view from each student and am grateful for the chance to learn and grow beside them. That is what getting an MBA from the UW is all about, not just learning but learning together. With all the fun I had at the event this year, I cannot wait to see what GMN puts together for next year!