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Experiencing the A.C. Nielsen Center: An International Student Perspective

by Min Nie Thursday, November 6, 2014
  • Socializing with and receiving one-on-one guidance from top executives in the leading CPG/marketing research companies
  • Watching an American football game with 80,000 other people in Camp Randall stadium
  • Visiting the global headquarters of Procter and Gamble.  

These are only a few experiences I've had at the A.C. Nielsen Center!

From day one of the semester, the Center has helped us all along the way, from one-on-one resume revising to interview prep, from the second-year internship sharing, to the various social gatherings, Nielsenites really have a good time here!

Of course we have our challenges too. With all the classes, assignments, quizzes, and exams, along with finding summer internships, first semester is very busy. It’s really a test of time management, or perhaps priority management. And most important of all, it is most important to think one step ahead and plan for post-MBA life. Do you want to work in client side or supplier side, or have your own company? When I applied for the program, I thought I had figured out my plans. But all the new experiences from this semester have led me to think deeply about how to develop my career in marketing research and what kind of life I want to achieve.

As an international student, this was my first time on an American campus. I really enjoy the campus experience and feel very grateful to all the professors for offering office hours and help. In the office hours outside of class, my professors are happy to help any students that stop by and will answer any questions. Back in my university days, I never had this practice, so it's definitely a bonus for me. For those who love getting involved in extracurricular activities, Madison could definitely be the right place you. We most recently had a Halloween party and you have no idea how creative people were with their costumes. It was really a blast.

Now it's internship hunting season, and all the first-years are busy with interviews! However, there are still plenty of activities available to help us de-stress and enjoy our time here at UW.