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Majorie Scott, Class 2012

The A.C. Nielsen Center in Hong Kong: Culture & Tourism

by Marjorie Scott Thursday, May 3, 2012

I arrived in Hong Kong close to 10pm drained from the day of travel. After the 15 hour flight that was delayed 3 hours all I wanted to do was crawl into a bed. That all changed as we crossed the bridge entering the heart of Hong Kong, where we were awakened by the astonishing sight of streets lined with what seemed like hundreds of dazzling lighted street signs. We became like little wide-eyed energetic children pointing out everything and snapping any picture we could get on the moving shuttle. As we arrived at the hotel we had become so energized by the city that we wanted to venture out (not to mention we were very hungry). Laughably the only place we could find open was a wing place named Fatt’s Place, where we of course order wings and fries. As we toasted our safe arrival and first night in Hong Kong with Hong Kong Ale we laughed and swore that tomorrow we would be more authentic in our dining experience.

During our weekend in Hong Kong we discovered that it is a vibrant city with lots to offer tourists. One of the best surprises was the subway system, which was superb and offered a safe and comfortable ride. With a stop just half a block away from the hotel students were able to easily venture off to experience the many facets of Hong Kong. Students visited temples, museums, Victoria’s Peak, the zoo, markets, malls, and so much more. The cultural blend between the Chinese and British heritages lend to a unique and wonderful experience. Most students were sad to leave after only a few days there and many vowed to return some day in the future.