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Soledad Quero

Spring Board Meeting

by Soledad Querol, MBA 2012 Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hi everyone, I am Soledad Querol, a first year student at the A.C Nielsen Center and I would like to tell you what a fantastic experience we had with our board members during our Spring Board Meeting. What was especially unique about this meeting was the fact that we -the students- were directly involved in current business decisions. We were given the opportunity to elaborate our thoughts regarding the future of the industry and subsequently decide which subjects or topics would be interesting to invest in.

Different students also presented to our board members about an array of topics: decision making process, our center’s field trip, a competitive analysis project that is being led by one of our first year students and second year’s internship experience.

Board meetings are a great opportunity to interact with the leaders of our industry, successful professionals that are from the supplier and client side. So you can imagine how broad their perspective is.

Thank you all for a great experience and I am looking forward to the Fall’s meeting!