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by Dave Shepherd, MBA 2011 Thursday, March 24, 2011

We all have those places we’ve always wanted to go; mine just happened to be Turkey. So when the MBA Global Trips were announced and one of the two destinations actually was Turkey (the other being Vietnam), how could I have said no? When else would I take ten days to visit this not-so-common ‘vacation destination?’  The decision was made and I was on my way to Turkey in January.

There were a few perks that came along with choosing to explore Turkey as part of my UW-Madison MBA experience. First of all, I was traveling with other classmates. This allowed all of us to make connections with other people from other centers we may not have otherwise taken the time to get to know. Second, I had the opportunity to attend several company visits. It was amazing to learn how these companies (some quite familiar to us) operated in a different country. Third, we had a fantastic tour guide that managed to sneak in special visits (an impromptu visit to an olive oil factory), taught us some basic Turkish (tough language), and overall made the trip around the countryside fairly stress-free. I’m not sure I would have seen half the places I did if I had just gone on my own.

The MBA Global Trip is a 2-credit class, so of course there is a deliverable- we collectively produced our own Turkey blog: The blog goes into much more detail about all aspects and activities of the trip and includes some great photos. Check it out!