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Ramya Raman

by Ramya Raman, MBA 2012 Monday, March 21, 2011

This semester, first years are taking two classes in the research specialization: Quantitative Models in Marketing and Qualitatively-Based Marketing Insights.

Quantitative Models course builds upon the Introduction to Marketing Research class from the fall semester and focuses on building decision models using survey data and syndicated data available from suppliers such as A.C. Nielsen.

Qualitatively-Based Marketing Insights course introduces various qualitative methods such as in-depth interviewing, ethnography, ZMET, and other techniques.

The best part of both courses in my opinion is applying what we learn through group projects. For Quant, we are assigned a product category and a brand. By building regression models using syndicated data and understanding the market through netnography, we analyze the data to develop marketing insights for our brand.

For Qual, we are conducting a semester-long group project. The project involves selecting a ‘consumption community’ and gathering insights about what drives this community using various techniques we learn in class.

In both situations, I’ve come to appreciate that the best learning happens by doing, understanding challenges, and working to resolve them. Practice leads to a better mastery of research techniques and ability to elicit actionable insights. What better place to practice than at graduate school?