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Aaron Anderson

On Campus Recruiting

by Aaron Anderson, MBA 2013 Thursday, November 3, 2011

Many schools suffer from a supply-demand problem when it comes to internship and full-time jobs. There are more students than jobs available. Not true for the Nielsen Center. From the second week of school our Center office has had a list of employers that recruit on campus. This year, we have 11 students in our class and as of now 15 companies interested in hiring at least one student for a summer internship; some are seeking more than one intern.  Full time employment opportunities are also available and there are currently 17 companies recruiting on campus for full-time positions.  The numbers certainly are in our favor. So, during a time when many MBA students are seeking out companies that are hiring, our class can focus on which company is the best fit for us.

On Campus Recruiting Companies

The recruiting season officially kicked off on 9/20 with DunnHumby’s “info session”. During a typical info session a company will send a group of recruiters–in most cases at least one of the recruiters has ties to the UW. The info sessions are typically in the evening and always involve food. Yes, we get a lot of free food. We’ve had everything from pizza to a full wine-n-dine evening at Johnny Delmonico’s.

The info session is an opportunity for the employers to present their company, the job openings, perks and a day-in-the -life. For the students it’s an open forum to ask questions and converse with the recruiters. In many cases, internship and full-time interviewers are members of the info session teams.