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Gail Casey

A New Year, A New Semester…

by Gail Casey, MBA 2012 Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Welcome back to another semester and the ACN student blog!

We’re pretty lucky here at UW and students get to enjoy 4 full weeks of winter break over the holidays.  Many fellow MBAs traveled home to visit family and friends, ventured to far off destinations, or caught up on some much needed rest and relaxation.  Some of the Nielsen Center students who went on MBA Global Trips will post about their adventures later on.

Although it’s officially referred to as “spring” semester, this (chilly) winter is lining up to be a busy and exciting season.  Contrary to the fall, where first-years had two weeks of orientation to get settled and gear up for school, this semester started off in full swing on day 1.  New cohorts, new project teams, new Project Assistantship assignments, new schedules, new profs, new student association leaders, etc.  After getting over our initial shock, and then struggling to remember our locker combinations, it seems that everyone is settling in nicely.

The first years’ class schedule is research-heavy this semester, with both quantitative and qualitative research methods.  Both are a follow up to the Intro MR class we took last semester, and should put us all in really good positions to start our internships this summer.

We’re all looking forward to another great semester, and hopefully will get to meet many of you as you come to campus to visit, or attend the MBAs On Wisconsin weekend.   As always, feel free to reach out to us current students and ask any questions you might have.

Oh, and how could I forget – Go Packers!