Why Explore a Master of Business Administration in Marketing Research?

A career in marketing research appeals to people who think outside the box and who are fascinated by questions. The desire to know who and what, when and where, why and how is built into their DNA. Our students have varied backgrounds all with one thing in common: innate curiosity. Not all marketing research students are marketing majors or even have BBAs or undergraduate degrees in business. Some of our  alumni have more behavioral, qualitative college majors such as anthropology, sociology, or psychology. Others have more data-focused, quantitative background with higher education in economics, mathematics, or statistics. Leveraging your education and experience, an MBA in Marketing Research can propel you toward your dream job.

Both the A.C. Nielsen Center for Marketing Analytics and Insights and the MBA Career Management Center strive to provide the preparation and resources needed to have each student achieve their post-MBA job and career goals. The success is proven in our average placement rate: within three months of graduation our job placement rate for our MBAs bests 94 percent.

What is Marketing Research?

Marketing research drives business decisions and strategy in an organization.  Marketing researchers understand consumer behavior and use this knowledge to impact the creation of new products, packaging, promotional events, and the development of branding and advertising campaigns.

Marketing researchers pursue their careers in many types of organizations: with manufacturers focused on growth through brands and products, with firms providing market-research expertise to other organizations, in consulting or in other related fields.

What do Marketing Researchers do?

Marketing researchers use a variety of observation methods and analytical tools including focus groups, surveys, and regression analyses.  Quantitative and qualitative research techniques are used to gain a richer understanding of all kinds of consumer insights.

As part of a team with brand managers, creative directors, data analysts, and clients, marketing researchers turn data into powerful insights.