The A.C. Nielsen Center recognizes student achievement both inside and outside of the classroom. The Wisconsin MBA and the A.C. Nielsen Center community reward students for their hard work in the classroom, their dedication to their specialization, and their leadership within the program and student organizations. The Janet Christopher/Bob Drane Award is given to an outstanding second-year marketing research student. The Darrell Tucker Memorial Scholarship was awarded to a first year A.C. Nielsen Center student for personifying the concept of “taking a different approach” in achieving success.

Janet Christopher/Bob Drane Award

The Janet Christopher/Bob Drane Award was first established in 1995 to honor and thank Bob Drane for his self-less contributions to the Center. When Janet Christopher, a storied A.C. Nielsen Center staff member, retired in 2006, Bob requested that she be added to the award as a means of recognizing Janet’s dedication to the Center.

The Janet Christopher/Bob Drane Award is given to an outstanding second year marketing research student.


  • Superior academic performance
  • Informal feedback from other students regarding willingness to go the extra mile
  • Informal feedback from instructors regarding student's demeanor in class
  • Formal feedback from project assistant evaluations
  • Willing to learn
  • Does not cut corners
  • Displays good citizenship
  • Sets an excellent example for other students
  • Conduct befitting the epitome of a Nielsen Scholar

Previous Recipients

Year Students
2019 Ammad Amin & Kelsey Ketelsleger
2018 Hunter Cook & Alexandra Grinsell
2017 Christopher Cohen and Zihan Miao
2016 Peter Wierenga
2015 Kelly Goldthorpe & Zach Smith
2014 Justin Hawkins
2013 Cally Thornton
2012 Nathan Schaff
2011 Eric Dolan
2010 Michael Kirk & Erin Wilson
2009 Dennis Hull & Giustina Parisi
2008 Shining (Zhengrong) Zhang
2007 Carrie Breisach and June Li
2006 Mike Hostetler & Elizabeth Knox
2005 Bryan Vaughn
2004 Kate Krier
2003 Sharon Mauldin Arellano
2002 Susy Thomas
2001 Joanne (Rincon) Ketchens
2000 Alex Koi
1999 William Mackison & Jan Westcott
1998 Claire Mazzeo-Gnau
1997 Karen Ba
1996 Christine (Ringstad) Thurm
1995 Monika Wingate

Darrell Tucker/Market Tools Award

The Darrell Tucker Memorial Scholarship was established in 2008 by MarketTools in memory of Darrell Tucker.

MarketTools awarded the Darrell Tucker Memorial Scholarship with purpose to further the learning of marketing research students while remembering an esteemed MarketTools colleague who valued mentorship and divergent thinking. The scholarship included a monetary award from MarketTools and recognition by both MarketTools and the A.C. Nielsen Center.


  • Successfully completing first year of MBA at the University of Wisconsin Nielsen Center
  • Actively mentoring other students
  • Personifying the concept of "taking a different approach" in achieving success
  • Recommendations by faculty and staff

Previous Recipients

Year Students
2009 Katie Metzinger
2008 Brian Frances