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Alison Heimert
Current Topics Industry Trip to Chicago
by: Alison HeimertThursday, November 30, 2017

With the explosion of digital media in the past decade, companies now have the capabilities to gather an infinite amount of information about the population, allowing them to communicate with their... Read More

Away from family over the Thanksgiving holiday? You are not alone. Today’s dynamic, global environment has contributed to the dispersion of families across long distances. It is becoming more... Read More

Chris Lawton

Near the end of our stay in Guangzhou, we each participated in a day of qualitative research with Dell. The day included a site visit to a small business for an in-depth interview and a focus group... Read More

Where are you headed after graduation? If your plans will take you to a new city – or even to a new country -- for a job, internship, or educational opportunity, you are not alone. Today’s... Read More