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October 2012[remove]
Ben Blaweiss
The Evolution of Marketing Research
by: Ben BlaweissMonday, October 29, 2012

Earlier this year, I had the privilege of attending the ESOMAR International Congress in Atlanta as a networking facilitator. ESOMAR is an international marketing research conference dedicated to... Read More

Mid-Term Is Coming
by: Sally SaFriday, October 26, 2012

It feels like the orientation just finished yesterday. Now the mid-term is coming. Trees seem more sensitive than us about how quickly time flies. I still remember my first day in Madison: bright... Read More

Kevin Sisco

Recently I had an intriguing conversation with my mentor, Bob Drane. I am always very excited and interested in learning about new research methods and capabilities, but I am also aware of the need to... Read More

Project Assistantships
by: Justin Hawkins and Ted SunWednesday, October 24, 2012

Several students at the WSoB have project assistantships, otherwise known as PAs. The PAs provide students with work experience while pursuing their MBA degree. We are fortunate enough to have PAs... Read More