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Joseph Robele

Career Counseling

by Joseph Robele Wednesday, February 28, 2018

In my previous career I was briefly a therapist and a career counselor, so I suppose you could say I have high standards for what I consider excellent career counseling and support. 

By going to business school, I would be entering the unknown of the corporate world and I knew I would need plenty of help for my transition.  I would need in-depth interview training to properly convey how my strengths and experiences in academics and social services could translate to business.  I would need preparation for the rigorous gauntlet of behavioral and case interviews I would soon face.  I would need to make networking connections for mock and informational interviews with alumni to gain insight and understanding of the field I was to enter. 

However, to me the material preparation is not the differentiator for career support.  Just as importantly, I knew I would need personal and moral support to face the inevitable challenges, rejections, and disappointment so that I could persevere and land the best job for me.

Thankfully, I received all of this support and more at the Wisconsin School of Business.

Between my career counselor Gina Jenkins, my Specialization Director Kristin Branch, UW alumni, classmates, and the rest of the UW staff, I have always felt like my personal and professional success is just as important as their own.  All top MBA programs have well-connected and highly trained career support personnel, but at UW I have received the benefits of a personal touch that a smaller sized program affords. My program became my family.

As a Consortium student, my career preparation began months before I took my first class.  The Consortium Orientation Program Conference (OP) took place in June, and as a late admit I had only weeks to prepare for the potential interviews with some of the most respected companies in the country.  Still, I received a focused and individualized “Bootcamp” training to prepare for this opportunity.  At that conference I made connections with the company that I would go on to intern with and ultimately accept a full-time offer from. 

I am grateful for the personalized support I have received throughout my time at UW, and I am confident that the Wisconsin School of Business will remain intertwined with my career development indefinitely.  I look forward to paying it forward by putting my newfound business skills, as well as my therapist skills, to good use in supporting the next generation of Badgers.

On Wisconsin!