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Aaron Anderson

Executive Advisory Board Meeting

by Aaron Anderson Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The EAB is another of the A.C. Nielsen Center’s direct connections to industry.  Our board contains 31 companies ranging from the largest CPG companies, to automotive to retail and technology.  Each semester the members of the board visit the business school to hear updates on student progress, curriculum changes, offer industry updates and to network with students. 

This year’s meeting kicked off on Thursday, October 6.  The event unofficially kicked-off with an early morning presentation by Merrill Dubrow, the President of M/A/R/C Research. He emphasized the importance of career strategy and the value of salesmanship.  The official board meeting kicked off with a lunch served in the Grainger Executive Dining Room followed by the official EAB meeting.  During the meeting Ann Dencker presented the positioning strategy that was co-opted by ACN students and Hiebing, a local ad agency.  The goal was to help solidify a positioning statement for the center that describes the center’s goals and defines a target audience.  What ensued was a lively discussion about the importance of marketing research leadership and strategy.  From the student perspective this was an invaluable “focus group” style discussion about where business leaders feel the industry is going.

The evening concluded with a dinner at Brickhouse BBQ where students were seated with board members, UW PhD students and faculty.  The festivities and discussion carried on into the night with many board members dedicating their entire evening to interacting with Nielsen students.  

The next morning five members of the EAB participated in a panel discussion on the topic of international marketing research.  We heard from Amway, P&G, The Nielsen Company, The WM. Wrigley Jr. Company, and Henkel.  The final activity was a case study review in which Nielsen students were paired with a team of EAB members to discuss a Microsoft case regarding research into the Korean gaming market.

Executive Advisory Board

EAB Members on the international marketing research panel; L-R Yogesh Chavda (Amway), Jim Greco (The Nielsen Company), Chuck Hwang (Procter & Gamble), Elaine Madansky (The Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company), and Heiko Schäfer (Henkel)

Executive Advisory Board

Case study team; Dennis Degeneffe (Consumer Centric Solutions, LLC), Cally Thornton (1st year A.C Nielsen Center student), Jean Hughes (General Mills), and Ramya Raman (2nd year A.C. Nielsen Center student)

The entire event was a wonderful resource for students to connect with industry leaders.  We came away with a better understanding of the role marketing research plays in a variety of different industries.  Most importantly we made personal connections with professionals who will be our mentors and future potential employers.