executive in residence

Don Condon and Tom Tefft currently serve as the Executives-in-Residence for the Nicholas Center. The Executive-in-Residence program is an initiative that invites Nicholas Center board members and other influential and accomplished business leaders to the Wisconsin School of Business and closely involve them with the learning component of the Nicholas Center. Students have access to a professional who can share their wisdom and help point them in the right direction. These experts share their own professional experiences in the business community and enhance the students awareness of important business problems.  

Activities and Responsibilities

Executives in Residence participants partake in a variety of activities during their stay on campus, including, but not limited to:

  • Classroom activities, including teaching, guest speaking, attending or observing various courses or seminars;
  • Curriculum enhancement activities, which involve assisting class instructors and/or the Center Directors in more fully understanding the needs and expectations of the business community with regard to the critical skill set of finance professionals, and devising methods for implementing curriculum improvements into the program;
  • Academic research activity, including meetings with finance and other functional area faculty to discuss any topics of mutual business and research interest, or attending academic seminars; and,
  • Mentoring activities, including one-on-one meetings with students to discuss career goals and opportunities, as well as conducting mock interviews.