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October 2013[remove]
Jason Miller
Graduate Finance Organization Visits Chicago
by: Jason MillerThursday, October 31, 2013

On Friday, October 18th, the Graduate Finance Organization (GFO) left the great state of Wisconsin and headed to The Windy City to visit some of Chicago’s most successful financialservices... Read More

Jeffrey Mayer
3M - Dennis Duerst – Pension Fund Investment Management
by: Jeffrey MayerThursday, October 31, 2013

As the head of 3M’s Investment Management Corporation, Dennis Duerst manages $27-billion in assets. 3M is a $30-billion company with two-thirds of revenue coming from over-seas. The company... Read More

Andrew Mullvain
Telling Your Story: Translate, Make Connections, and Get Scrappy
by: Andrew MullvainWednesday, October 30, 2013

“You can do everything else perfectly, but [be] wanted by no one if you cannot effectively communicate,” is precisely how Wisconsin Alum and Nicholas Board Member Andy Olen... Read More

Arun Soni

The past several years have been filled with big expectations for renewable energy growth.  Fueled by the government’s emphasis on clean technologies to heat, cool and light our buildings,... Read More