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March 2012[remove]

For the March 23rd edition of our Current Topics class, the Nicholas Center welcomed back board member Andy Olen of Abbott Labs, who had also visited us during the first semester. The students were... Read More

Thomas Rivera

On Friday, March 9, the first-year Corporate Finance and Investment Banking students welcomed Judd Nystrom, Senior Vice President of Finance, from Advance Auto Parts to discuss share repurchase... Read More

Anthony Bonefeste

Last Friday Dr. Craig Lewis, Chief Economist and Director of the Division of Risk, Strategy, and Financial Innovation took some time to meet with the first-year Nicholas Center students to give an... Read More

Shawn Dahlke

The first-year Corporate Finance & Investment Banking class welcomed board member Don Condon from Westlake Chemical to a recent Current Topics class. Always gracious with his time in... Read More