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Brad Chandler

Earlier this summer, even before setting foot on campus, our incoming class (Class of 2019) at the Nicholas Center for Corporate Finance and Investment Banking was busy reading Barbarians at the Gate... Read More

Brad Chandler
Why I Chose the Nicholas Center
by: Brad ChandlerFriday, August 25, 2017

Some changes in life are big.  In March 2017, my wife and I decided to turn our lives upside down and move from New York City to Madison, Wisconsin.  I had just been promoted to Managing Director in the Investment Banking Division of Morgan Stanley, one of my top professional goals that took me over 10 years to achieve.  Weeks later, I told my boss that I was leaving to join the faculty of the University of Wisconsin-Madison as Director of the Nicholas Center for Corporate Finance and Investment Banking.
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Nathan Deicher
Exploring Cuba's Emerging Markets
by: Nathan DeicherWednesday, April 5, 2017

   Over spring break, I had the opportunity to join the A.C. Nielsen Center for Marketing Research for a week in Cuba. Our visit enabled us to explore the country and learn about the its... Read More


  The Fellows are represented by students in CBPM, OTM, CFIB, SC & SHR.  It was once again a competitive process with lots of great student applicants. Jake Smith and Matt Louison, two... Read More