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The CBPM's International Trip to Singapore

by Drew Civelek Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Every year the students from Center for Brand and Product Management (CBPM) participate in an international trip to augment their educational experience and learn about the challenges of cross-cultural marketing. In 2012, we visited Singapore to delve into the culture and regional business challenges of Asia Pacific. For just under two weeks, we met with companies, sampled new and delicious cuisines, and learned about what makes Singapore such an exciting hub of commerce and culture.


While visiting companies like Procter & Gamble, Kraft, and Harley-Davidson, CBPM students were exposed to fascinating regionalized advertising creative, unique go-to-market strategies, and unexpected consumer insights.   

A Few Key Insights from CBPM Students

Singapore “It is important for a foreign manager to adapt to the way subordinates would like to be managed while staying true to themselves.” – Erich Schleicher
Singapore “Observational consumer research can really help a brand manager understand what the consumer needs are and how they can create products to fulfill those needs.” – Melissa Martinez on 3M

It’s About More Than Just Business

In addition to the business learnings from major multi-national corporations, students bonded over chili crab and took advantage of a number of the fun activities. Some students spent a day at the beach on Sentosa Island, while others went for a half-day bike ride (in the rain) on Pulau Ubin. For a full 360 degree experience, the CBPM international trip just can’t be beat.

The class of 2012 and 2013 enjoying some traditional Singaporean cuisine, Chili Crab!
Ada Jacobs, Sally Theiler, and Erin Webb (all class of 2013) trying to stay clean while eating some chili crab.
Erik Dawson and Drew Civelek (both class of 2013) enjoying a Crenshaw ride!