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Long distance… not as bad as you think? (Part 2)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

(Continued from the previous post on LDR)

Living apart is tough, there is no other way to describe our new reality. After spending years sharing our lives in the same city, I now realize how much I took for granted about our time together.  Cooking dinner together, walking our dog on the beach, watching The Office on Thursday nights are just a few of the things I miss.

How do we make it work? Well, Google video has become my new best friend, being able to see each other while talking to each other is significant. I commute every weekend to Chicago and she drives out to Madison as many weekends as feasible. We email each other a lot and talk on the phone regularly.  Basically, we work at maintaining (improving?) communication and do it everyday.  Nothing, even finance midterms, is more important than communicating with Linds. At least for us, that is the standard for what it takes to make this work.

Benefits? I have focused a lot about the negatives of LDRs but there are actually a few positives as well.  For instance, every time Linds and I see each other it is a celebration and it is something to look forward to after a rough week of classes.  Also, I don’t feel guilty for staying up late in Grainger studying, where if we lived in Madison together I’d feel a lot of pressure to come home.  Finally, I think we have gotten to know each other better.  When you have to talk on the phone regularly, to make it interesting, you have to talk about new and interesting topics.  I have received some deep insights into what is important to her and vice-versa.