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3M Applied Learning – Matt Johnson

Saturday, February 26, 2011

In an effort to get new and awesome voices to this blog I have tapped one of the Brand Luminaries at the Brand Center… Matt Johnson.  Matt is a fellow first year and has a very interesting recap of the 3M Applied Learning that I thought you had to see.  So without further ado, here is The Matt Johnson Experience (also the name of his future band).

3M’s recent discussion with the brand center was an excellent example of the unique insight that the program provides into cutting edge brand management. Design is a critical function for the savvy marketer to understand and utilize in meeting the needs of the consumer and customer. Touching many aspects of marketing from packaging to communications, designers can provide creative and valuable input to the entire marketing process. We discussed 3M’s Command brand, which provides an excellent example of how design can positively influence a brand to clearly convey the product’s benefit and build meaning for the brand.

Finding a skilled designer can be challenging; however, great designers will embody the following two attributes.  First, a multi-disciplinary background will provide a strong foundation and perspective for “seeing & solving the big picture.” Second, a focus on arts and the humanities will help the designer in creating emotion and meaning. This is particularly important as many brand managers seek to build emotion and meaning into their brand.