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New Year – New Plan…

Monday, February 14, 2011

Writing a blog is a lot harder than I expected.  So, to all those out there that have been following me, expect some changes for this semester (and my apologies).  Instead of longer blog posts, I am going to write shorter entries that focus on some of the everyday aspects of the center.  I’ll still throw some longer ones in there on certain topics (top of mind right now is the internship hunt), but my focus will shift a little.

Also, I am working to get more content from other voices in the center.  Not only does this ease the load a little for me, it gives you a different perspective than my own.  I have learned quite a bit from this experience and like all things in life this blog is evolving.  So expect shorter and higher volume posts (this week) and please give me feedback. After all, this blog is for you!