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Jared Day
Why Wisconsin?
by: Jared DayTuesday, October 17, 2017

I grew up in Idaho. My wife grew up in Utah. Before business school we lived in Connecticut and I worked in New York City. When I told people that I was pursuing my MBA at the Wisconsin School of... Read More

B Kasper 64x64
Social Life and What to Expect from a Smaller Program
by: Bethany KasperTuesday, October 10, 2017

Being a student in the Center for Brand and Product Management (CBPM) at the University of Wisconsin is a lot of fun. It's hard work, too – don't get me wrong – but my classmates are... Read More

M Abney
Making a Difference through Diversity & Inclusion
by: Melissa Abney, Class of 2019Tuesday, October 3, 2017

When it came to choosing the "right" school for your MBA educational experience, there are so many factors we take into consideration and things like location, curriculum rigor, school culture, and... Read More

J Schuh
Finding My Fit at P&G
by: Jessica SchuhWednesday, May 31, 2017

As anyone who has gone through their first year in the Center for Brand & Product Management knows, interviewing for internships is no easy task. From informational sessions, networking, Applied... Read More