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Anna Strand

The Intersection of Art, Technology + Place

by Anna Strand Monday, July 2, 2018

Have you ever found yourself on an airport moving walkway taking in an incredible light installation or hanging sculpture? Commissioning, conceptualizing, creating, and executing such an art project is complicated and can require a real estate developer, architect, public art agent, artist, and fabricators. Recognizing the need to create a hub for commissioned art professionals and projects, CODAworx was born. CODAworx matches creative talent with creative opportunities, and provides digital tools that streamline the commission workflow process.

This summer at CODAworx, I have been coordinating CODAsummit: The Intersection of Art, Technology + Place. A first-of-its-kind conference, CODAsummit is focused on the exciting ways creative professionals are incorporating technology to create innovative art that is changing the way we experience environments and the impact this work is having on broader culture. CODAsummit will bring together key figures in the art and technology worlds, including artists and technologists, along with representatives from leading publications, museums, and educational institutions that are thought and practice leaders in the art world and beyond.

CODAworx is in a unique position to host CODAsummit, as the firm works everyday with artists, designers, and architects who are leaders in a new era where art and technology intersect in more projects and spaces than ever before. Often, their work addresses real-world problems, asks provocative questions, or offers refuge from the overwhelming issues that surround us. These artworks raise awareness about environmental and social issues, highlight the importance of innovation and creativity, and drive community engagement.


I look forward to continuing my work with CODAworx CEO, and successful art entrepreneur, Toni Sikes and the fantastic CODAworx team on CODAsummit. The result of our work will be a summit in Santa Fe that bridges technology and creative practice to develop vocabularies and frameworks to build a new vision of what art is and why it matters today.