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Sarah Sosa-Acevedo

A Reflection on the Fall 2014 Semester....

by Sarah Sosa-Acevedo Wednesday, December 17, 2014

With final exams and the Integrated Company Analysis (ICA) presentations behind us, my first semester of graduate school comes to a close and a quarter of my MBA journey is complete. The past four months have been a blur of group meetings, case studies, and spreadsheets. The end of the semester provides space for reflection. Below, I share a few highlights from my semester.

Integrated Company Analysis (ICA)
Integrating the knowledge acquired in our core courses (accounting, marketing, finance, statistics, and team work), we were tasked with analyzing a publicly traded company, proposing a product or service, and putting together a presentation for our core MBA faculty members. When I think back to September, I can only remember I knew very little about business. Fast forward to this week, along with my team, I pitched a product/service for Amazon that will enhance and support the company’s brand, operating performance, and share value.

Project Assistantship
As a Development and Stewardship Assistant at the UW Foundation, I have been working with the Chancellor’s Development Team to develop top-level stewardship reports for some of the university’s major donors. Every hour spent at the Foundation, surrounded by outstanding development professionals, with access to some of the best resources available to fundraisers, has been an edifying professional experience.

Applied Learning
Applied learning is a cornerstone of the Wisconsin MBA program’s curriculum. Throughout the semester we‘ve had non-stop interactions with managers and leaders in the arts. From one-day workshops, visits to organizations, conversations with alumni, and seminar guest speakers, our applied learning has helped me connect what I’ve learned in the classroom with what I will need to know in a career of executive leadership.

Getting to know Bolz Center alumni has been an inspiring experience. I am both humble and proud to be a part of this community of professionals who have paved the way before us in arts administration. Their achievements and mentorship motivate me and push me to continue to raise my aspirations more each day. The support of the second year students this semester was invaluable. Many times during the semester I turned to them with questions and they responded with good advice, encouragement, and, most of all, friendship.

I cannot close this entry without encouraging you to support the arts this holiday season. Consider purchasing presents from artists and artisans, take your nieces and nephews to a museum, go see The Nutcracker or A Christmas Carol, go listen to the symphony for your favorite holiday music, or support a local choir.

Happy holidays!