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Matt Dreier

On Inspiration

by Matt Dreier Wednesday, March 19, 2014

You can’t wait for inspiration; you have to go after it with a club.” - Jack London

My favorite part of the Bolz Center for Arts Administration is the amazing people who are involved in the program. Whether it is the passion of my fellow students or the knowledge and expertise of the staff and faculty, I am constantly blown away by how lucky I am to be surrounded by such great people. I am learning new things every day here in the MBA program, but I feel like I gain the most in learning from the experiences of those around me, particularly the Bolzies!


During the last week in February, the Bolz Center advisory board came into town for the annual spring meetings and events. Their presence on campus included several important activities, only some of which were open to us as current students. The advisory board is responsible for informing the future of the Arts Administration MBA here at the University of Wisconsin. They also help choose the Bolz Center students during the admissions process, for which we are all beyond excited!


The board’s visit included a few activities dedicated to both the first-year and second-year Bolz Center students. On Thursday, a reception was held that gave us the opportunity to connect with the local alumni and board members. On Friday morning, we had a panel discussion with several alumni who are working in the Milwaukee/Chicago areas. These individuals work in leadership positions with such companies as Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, the Chicago Humanities Festival, the Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts, and the Harley-Davidson Museum. It was exciting to get the chance to ask difficult questions of the panel, learning more about their career paths and the larger professional world.


After the panel discussion was complete, we were treated to a small table lunch where we were able to connect with the board and panelists on a more personal level. It was great to talk about my personal experiences with crowd-based fundraising with some of the development professionals from across the country!

During the last part of the day, all of the first- and second-year Bolzies participated in mock interviews with the panelists. As we are all in the process of looking for jobs and internships, this gave us a great opportunity to practice our interview skills and get some suggestions on improving our résumés. I received some great advice during my mock interviews and some good tips during the morning panel. With all this knowledge, I feel absolutely ready for internship season! Wish me luck on my journey!