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Matt Dreier

MAKE it Happen

by Matt Dreier Wednesday, October 23, 2013

“Write it. Shoot it. Publish it. Crochet it, sauté it, whatever—MAKE.”

—Joss Whedon, American screenwriter, film and television producer, director, comic book author, composer, and actor.

One of the things I am loving best about being a student in the Bolz Center is the full range of activities throughout the experience. One day I may be analzying the future value of a bond in finance class, and later that evening I may be engaged in a discussion of the different aspects of national non-profit development. Every day as an MBA in Arts Administration is an immersion in learning, which is why I spend long hours in Grainger Hall trying to soak it all in.

Sometimes, though, I like to get out of Grainger Hall for a bit and see some art in action—and fortunately, my fellow Bolzies and Wisconsin MBAs share this sentiment! I am surrounded by an incredibly talented group of students with a diverse range of artistic interests. From visual arts to theater and music performance to circus arts, there is someone with a passion for every aspect of the arts world. Practically every week we have been out in the community attending an arts or cultural event. Recent events that we’ve attended include the Farm/Art D’Tour, the Chazen Museum ART·SPIN Community Celebration, and the reopening of the City of Madison Central Public Library, which incorporates art and creative expression in its new ‘Bubbler’ space. Even as I type this, we are getting ready to travel to the Twin Cities to participate in a two-day series of site visits and speaker engagements. (I’ll talk more about this in my next blog!)

In addition to the event and activity participation with my MBA colleagues, the inner artist in me wants to do more than just attend arts events. I want to create, to “MAKE”. When inspiration strikes, I have to follow. So just this past weekend, I wrapped filming on a short film I had been working on with my company, Whiskey Neat Productions. Clocking more than 40 hours of filming in just 2.5 days, I ended the weekend exhausted, but blown away by the experience of working with incredible local artists. Some of my fellow MBAs even joined us on set to help with the cause! 

And I hope that these experiences continue, both within Grainger and out in the community. The Wisconsin MBA boasts classically trained musicians, salsa dancers, photography fanatics, and some pretty sweet singers. It has been great to see my peers out practicing their art and it has been excellent to put great business lessons to work in real-world applications, like my film. Whatever one’s passion is, let nothing stand in the way—just “MAKE”!