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Artistry and Entrepreneurship

by Andrew Taylor Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I’m co-teaching a special topics course this Spring about the intersection of art and enterprise — where aesthetic and expressive effort meet the marketplaces of people, places, and resources. “Arts Enterprise: Art as Business as Art” works to encourage a more connected view among the students (mostly arts majors, but from a wide range of disciplines) between a creative idea and its realization as a project, an organization, or a career.

For our first class, we welcomed artist/educator/consultant Eric Booth, who has a rather specific opinion on the matter of artistry and entrepreneurship. Both, he suggests, involve ‘making stuff that means something to you.’ And both can draw the same sense of flow.

A great way to start the class. Take a look at the video capture of his Skype presentation to get the gist of it.

Eric Booth on artistry and entrepreneurship from UW-Madison Arts Enterprise on Vimeo.