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Cara Scadden

First Client Meeting Held on September 29th

by Cara Scadden Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Second year students in our Applied Security Analysis Program (ASAP) presented to our equity and fixed income boards at the first client meeting of the year on Friday, September 29th at the Fluno Center. This is one of three total meetings that the students are required to present at during the academic year.

In the ASAP specialization, students have the opportunity to manage more than $50 million in equity and fixed income assets. The teams of students (two equity and one fixed income) conduct research and have complete control over their investment decisions. They define their own investment philosophy and process that guide their investment decisions. However, they must be able to defend their research and decisions in front of their clients, who are the  University of Wisconsin System and the Hawk Center Board. Board members are made of of alumni who also serve as mentors to students.  


The opportunity to gain hands-on experience with managing real money is the highlight of the program, as students develop the skills needed to be successful in the industry. As part of their experience, students also gain research skills and become proficient in using all the tools the professionals use including FactSet and Bloomberg. 

This year's portfolio teams are made up of 13 second year students. 

Christiana An
Josh Anderson
Huy Le
Christana An

Evan Bernier
Raefe Gross
Zak Kavajecz
Catherine Lin
Matt Tomczyk

John Stokas
Dan Bagin
Eric Landwehr
Aaron Hizmi