The ASAP is a CFA® Program Partner and we actively support our students in obtaining their CFA Charter. The CFA partnership indicates that the ASAP degree program incorporates more than 70 percent of the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) Curriculum, the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Professional Standards, and adheres to other requirements. Our CFA Program Partner status gives our instructors access to enhanced curriculum aids and case studies prepared by the CFA Institute.

Moreover, it ensures that our curriculum is closely tied to professional practice and is well suited to preparing students to sit for the CFA exams, which have become a key measure of competency in our industry.

The ASAP is not a CFA exam preparatory class; however, The Hawk Center has identified the CFA curriculum as possessing a significant amount of industry knowledge and is used to strengthen program content. The Hawk Center also provides ASAP students with a free review course prior to the June exams, and ongoing free access to the monthly programming provided by the Madison CFA Society.