Academic Integrity is the foundation of any well functioning academic community.

At Wisconsin, our curriculum is designed to prepare MBA students to leave campus ready to make an early impact in their field. We believe it is imperative that we maintain high and exacting academic integrity standards if we are to succeed in building a community of business leaders of tomorrow. Above all, we wish to equip each student with the tools to execute good corporate decision-making no matter the circumstance. 

The Wisconsin School of Business affirms the academic integrity rules and guidelines set out by the University of Wisconsin–Madison and holds all members of the academic community – students, faculty and staff – to the exact same high standards of academic integrity. Violations of the code of academic misconduct will lead to an investigation and may result in severe sanctions according to UW-Madison and Wisconsin School of Business guidelines. Find out more about the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards at UW-Madison.

Before students begin their classes they are asked to sign both a personal statement and an Honor Code testifying to their promise to uphold the highest of integrity standards in their pursuit of academic excellence and throughout their involvement in school-related activities.

In 2008, MBA students at the Wisconsin School of Business initiated an Exit Pledge to reaffirm their dedication to upholding the highest ethical standards throughout their journey from university campus to the corporate world.  

These principles are guided and overseen by an MBA Honor Board comprised of faculty, staff and student representatives.

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