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Joshua Firestone

A Shout-out to Our Alumni

by Joshua Firestone, Class of 2020 Tuesday, February 5, 2019

One of the most important pillars of any MBA program is alumni connection and support. Having completed my first semester, I can say that the Wisconsin School of Business has strong relationships with alumni who are already greatly influential to me and my education.

I was fortunate to have alumni interaction starting my very first week of orientation, where three alumni came to speak to us regarding their academic and career journeys. And not only were they alumni from the MBA program, they came out of my particular career specialization, Strategic Human Resource Management. I think this is significant because it helped me gain a better insight into possible internship opportunities and future career paths.

After those early interactions, our alumni further supported us by participating in mock interviews on several different occasions, helping us hone our skills. When I received my internship offer for next summer, I was immediately put in touch with a former student who had gone through the same program and is currently working at the company.

Finally, I participated in a class project last semester that required working with a local company on an HR-related issue. We were able to get in contact with some alumni who work at an engineering firm in the area, and they gladly helped us conduct our research and complete the project. The partnership was mutually beneficial because we were able to supply their company with meaningful data about their employees.

As you can see, our alumni have been immensely significant in my short time in the program, and I expect they will continue to be throughout my degree and my life. I hope that when I graduate, I can give back to students in the Wisconsin School of Business in the same ways that our alumni are giving to me.