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Eric Weigman, Class of 2019

Why Wisconsin

by Eric Weigman, Class of 2019 Friday, August 10, 2018

I chose the Applied Security Analysis Program (ASAP) at UW-Madison because it was a perfect fit for the career that I wanted. I worked in the financial industry for six years, but I knew that I wanted to get deeper in the investment industry and be an analyst. This proved to be difficult as many of those jobs require past job experience and I decided to look at MBA programs that offered this type of experience. I quickly realized that ASAP checked all the boxes for what I was looking for in a MBA program. The program has a great reputation, the alumni network is very involved and the program gives students the opportunity to manage an actual portfolio during the second year. My decision was made even easier when I came to campus for a visit and had the opportunity to sit in on an ASAP class with the first and second year students. It was evident that everyone in the program had a passion for investing and the classroom discussions were exactly what I was looking for.

Looking back at my first year in the Applied program I can say with 100% certainty that I made the right choice for me and my future career. Through what I’ve learned in the program and alumni connections, I was offered a great internship during the summer that will continue to improve my security analysis skills. I have been given incredible opportunities to talk with alumni in a wide variety of positions and they have all been willing to help in any way that they can. In just a short year, I feel I have grown as an analyst and I’m already looking forward to coming back for my second year to manage the ASAP portfolio.

I would strongly recommend the Applied Security Analysis Program to anyone that has a passion for investing and wants to have a role in security selection and analysis. The program is a great road map for getting into the asset management industry and it provides the tools and skills for students to be successful upon leaving the program. In addition to the great learning opportunity, I have also surrounded myself with other students that have a similar desire to learn and excel in finance. The ASAP class becomes a second family and it’s great to see how past classes remain in contact with each other.  It has been one of the best decisions I’ve made!