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A Guide to Recommenders

by Delaney Pichotta Friday, June 8, 2018

The recommendation section of applications tend to be the ones that trip applicants up the most. Since it’s the one portion of the application that you don’t have total control over, it’s good to get a head start and stay on track with your recommenders. Each school likely have slightly different processes for collecting recommendations, so the Wisconsin MBA Admissions Team has complied helpful tips to make navigating the recommendation section easier.

  1. Find the Right Recommender. The Admissions Team typically suggest you choose a recommender that knows you from a professional standpoint and is able to vouch for your work ethic in a professional or leadership role. This is usually a current or former supervisor or manager, a colleague, a vendor or a client. The specific title of your recommender is not a determining factor of your admission
  2. Speak with your Recommender. Schedule a face-to-face conversation with your recommender to discuss your interest in attending business school. Make sure you know the requirements for a recommender at each school you’re applying to, and provide as much information about the application process as possible. This will allow your recommender to understand next steps and prepare for the part they will play in your application.
  3. Start your Application ASAP. The application for the Wisconsin MBA Class of 2021 will open on [date]. Starting an application does not mean you need to complete it on that same day, but rather gives you an opportunity to tackle the application requirements methodically.
  4. Send the Recommendation Form. After starting your application, send your recommender the recommendation form ASAP. You are able to send this form without submitting an application, and our Admissions Team recommends you send the form as soon as you feel comfortable doing so. This will give your recommender ample time to complete the recommendation. Remember that your application will not be reviewed until you recommendation is received, so the Admissions Team suggests giving your recommender a deadline of a couple weeks before the application needs to be completed.

We hope this de-mystified some of the confusion that comes along with the recommendation section of the application. If you still have questions, reach out the MBA Admissions Team via email.