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Josh Torres

Why Wisconsin

by Josh Torres, Class of 2019 Tuesday, June 19, 2018

I have always been very thoughtful in my decision-making process.  And given the gravity of leaving behind a stable career to pursue an MBA, my due diligence in deciding where I would go to pursue that MBA was no exception.  Now, I understand that the reasons why one chooses a school over another are often subjective.  But, for what it is worth, I would like to share with you some of the reasons I chose to pursue an MBA at UW-Madison.

I believe that everyone can use a good role model.  As I see it, you really can’t go wrong emulating the positive qualities of those who have achieved success.  Given my appreciation for role models, it should come as no surprise that my decision to pursue an MBA at UW was guided, in large part, by the decision made by one of my role models some time ago to attend UW for his MBA.

UW is special in many respects.  This role model I speak of, he attended UW prior to the installation of its unique specialization model.  Now, he has had a remarkable career, filled with many accomplishments.  But, I suspect that UW’s Applied Security Analysis Program would have accelerated his career at an even faster pace had he to do it all over again.

For me, the specialization model was a very attractive feature of the MBA program at UW.  In deciding whether to pursue an MBA, I spent a lot of time reflecting on my career as an attorney and musing on what I wanted my professional experience to look like going forward.  And as a career switcher, it was important to me to join an MBA program that would provide all the tools I would need to be successful in my new career.  Knowing that UW’s specialization structure would immerse me in a field of study beginning in my first year of the program assured me that I would ascend the learning curve well before starting my new career.

And where would that new career take me?  Like many prospective MBA students, I focused on programs that had recruiting relationships with top companies. Take one pass through UW’s website and you will see that UW has close recruiting relationships with some of the most highly regarded companies, across most industries.  What is even more impressive is that the list of companies recruiting from UW grows each year!  For example, Autodesk, Nike and Kellogg’s (just to name a few) recruited from UW this year.  I trusted UW to expose me to great companies and UW delivered in spades!

Taking stock, UW’s program came highly recommended, provided coursework tailored to springboard me into a new career and offered access to top employers, all great program qualities that had me wrestling with the decision of where to pursue an MBA.  But, it was the MBA program staff that truly set UW apart from the other schools I was considering.  Perhaps it is the small size of UW’s MBA program that enables the staff to get to know each prospective student on a deeper level. Whatever it is, UW’s staff has always made me feel like I am their top priority, and that was very comforting for me as I began the transition from attorney to student.

When I announced to my former colleagues that I would be leaving the practice of law to pursue an MBA at UW, many of them were impressed by my school selection.  They were keenly aware of UW’s reputation for grooming exceptional businessmen and women.  From a reputation perspective, it made perfect sense to them that I would chose UW. And it’s that reputation, together with the other reasons highlighted above, that led me to choose UW.  With my first year complete and my internship about to begin, I do not think I could have made a better decision.